Claire Merritt | 21st February 2020

5 Top Tips for Employment Contracts (Part 2)


Claire Merritt | 21st February 2020

5 Top Tips for Employment Contracts (Part 2)

This is the second part of our blog series focused on 5 top tips for employment contracts. The first part of our blog looked at identifying whether an employment contract is the best document to govern the relationship. This second part will focus on what should be included in the employment contract itself.

4. The Correct Information

There have been a number of recent changes in employment law. In late 2018, the introduction of the GDPR affected employment contracts and resulted in a number of employers creating privacy notices. The Good Work Plan will also change contractual requirements.

Information may also be included in employment contracts when it shouldn’t be. For example, where the employment handbook is referred to as part of the contract of employment. This is not recommended given that policies frequently change. It also places the employer at risk of a breach of contract claim if they do not follow the processes laid out in their policies.

It is a good idea to check your employment contract template every couple of years to ensure that it is still appropriate to use.

5. Good Work Particulars

A number of Good Work changes will come into effect on 6 April 2020. They include the requirement to provide particulars in the employment contract (or section one statement) on the following areas:

  • Information about the commencement and cessation of the employment;
  • Which days the employee will work, whether these can be varied and if so, how the variation takes effect;
  • Details of paid leave (including paid sick pay);
  • Remuneration and benefits (including company maternity/paternity leave);
  • Probationary period information; and
  • If the employer is providing training – whether this is mandatory and whether the worker needs to pay for it.

Many employment contracts will already provide these details but a check should be done to ensure none are missing.

Given the introduction of the Good Work Plan changes, Paris Smith are offering a comprehensive contract review on a fixed fee basis to ensure legislative compliance and check that contracts reflect best current employment law practice. Should you require any further information, please email Claire Merritt.

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