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Danielle Taylor, Neil Davies and Sarah Passemard | 12th January 2023

Family Mediation Week : 16 – 20 January 2023


Danielle Taylor, Neil Davies and Sarah Passemard | 12th January 2023

Family Mediation Week : 16 – 20 January 2023

Family Mediation Week takes place from 16th to 20th January 2023. This is an initiative run by the Family Mediation Council to raise awareness, promote family mediation, provide information and events which are open to the public, clients and mediators. The aim of week is to let more people know about all of the benefits of mediation and encourage people to consider mediation to resolve any issues.

Throughout the week, the Family Mediation Council will be running a number of virtual and in person events. We would recommend anyone considering mediation as an option, any clients who have any family matters to be resolved and any practitioners to have a look at the events on offer and pre-register to attend.

At Paris Smith, we will be participating with a number of the events being run for mediators and lawyers. We will also continue to promote our family mediation offering to try and assist clients with any queries they may have about family mediation. You might like to read our Family Mediation FAQs. We have three qualified mediators who are able to assist clients; Neil Davies, Sarah Passemard and Danielle Taylor.

We see that mediation can be very beneficial to our clients and can often be the right choice for a number of separating couples. A few of the benefits are summarised below:

  1. Cost. It can often be one of the most cost-effective ways of resolving any issues.
  2. Approach. Clients have ownership of the decisions. This means that clients are generally happier with the outcome of a mediated agreement in the long-term.
  3. Atmosphere. Mediation creates a safe place for parties to have discussions (even when difficult discussions), with the process facilitated by a neutral and trained mediator.
  4. Flexible. The timescales can be set by both parties, providing maximum flexibility.
  5. Voluntary. As it is a voluntary process, it means both parties are invested in it and committed to trying to resolve matters.
  6. Confidential. Discussions about options within mediation are confidential, legally privileged and without prejudice. It means that parties feel safe to have open and honest discussions without fearing that it will be used against them in any court proceedings.
  7. Fair. Your mediator will assist you in trying to reach an outcome that you both agree is fair.

If you have any queries about mediation, please contact one of our mediators to arrange an initial intake meeting or MIAM.

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