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Natalie Clarke | 1st June 2023

Renting with pets – What you need to know


Natalie Clarke | 1st June 2023

Renting with pets – What you need to know

As a pet lover, renting with pets can be a daunting task. Finding a suitable rental property that allows pets in the UK can be difficult. The Renters Reform Bill has announced changes that will make it easier for tenants to keep pets.

Current UK laws on renting with pets

The laws in the UK do not explicitly prevent landlords or management companies from refusing consent for pets in rental properties. However, if a landlord does refuse, the decision must be reasonable and justified. For example, a landlord may have valid concerns about the noise levels or damage caused by certain pets. At the same time, if the decision to refuse consent is considered unreasonable or discriminatory against the tenant, it can be disputed in court.

The Renters Reform Bill

The Renters Reform Bill 2023 seeks to change the scenario for pet owners renting properties. One of the most significant changes in this bill is the default right for tenants to keep pets in their rental properties. This means that landlords must prove why a pet should not be allowed in a rental property rather than the tenant having to seek permission and provide justification for keeping a pet.


It is important to note that this default right does not apply to all rental properties. Landlords will have the discretion to refuse permission to tenants living in shared accommodation or where the property has a no-pet policy in place due to the leasehold agreement’s terms. Landlords may also impose reasonable conditions on pet ownership, such as requiring tenants to have the property professionally cleaned at the end of the tenancy.

The benefits for pet owners

With the introduction of the Renters Reform Bill, pet owners will have more rights and greater clarity regarding pet ownership in rental properties. This change will make it easier for pet owners to find suitable rental properties for themselves and their pets without the fear of pet ownership being an obstacle.

In conclusion, while it is not illegal for landlords to refuse consent for pets in rental properties, it must be reasonable and justified. The Renters Reform Bill will offer tenants more rights regarding pet ownership in rental properties. It will enable landlords to refuse consent only in exceptional circumstances while providing greater clarity and a more straightforward process for pet owners looking for suitable rental properties.

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