Special Educational Needs


Many parents seek specialist advice if their child has complex special educational needs and are struggling to access the best educational provision for them. We know that these situations can be difficult and emotional. Many parents who have sought our advice have found it to be a great help and reassurance during this time.

How we can help with special educational needs

If your child has special educational needs we can help:

  • understand a local authorities duties and obligations to assess a child or young person’s education, health and care needs where they may have SEN and they may need special educational provision to be made for them at a level or of a kind which requires an assessment of a child or young person’s education, health and care needs;
  • challenge the contents of your child’s statement of special education needs or Education and Health Care (EHC) plan to the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) tribunal;
  • respond to a local authority (LA) when presented with an EHC Plan or decision;
  • when there is a transfer of an EHC from one LA to another;
  • with any review or reassessment matters;
  • prepare for a mediation or appeal process; and
  • challenge the failure of a school and/or the local authority to provide special educational needs.

We also advise schools and academies as to their legal obligations under various statutes and legislation.

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