Absence Management | Line Manager Training



Absence Management | Line Manager Training

14:00 - 16:00 GMT
Wed 24th Nov 2021


£75.00 + VAT per person

Persistent or long term absence from work can cause major disruption to employers. In our experience, many managers ignore these issues because they are uncertain how to tackle these problems in practice. However, sick pay and other associated expenses costs employers millions of pounds each year. Furthermore, poor handling of absence issues can itself lead to claims. In our experience, proactive management of absence issues discourages persistent short term absence and can encourage the return of long term absentees.The aim of our practical absence management session is to work through a fictional scenario and consider in detail how best to deal with the legal issues that arise. This session will enable all attendees to work through a relevant example of some absence problems commonly faced in the workplace, in a highly interactive and engaging way.

Who should attend?
This practical session is a unique forum designed to assist and provide those in HR and line managers with the tools to proactively deal with common, and tricky absence management issues in the workplace.

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