Line Manager Training | Performance Management



Line Manager Training | Performance Management

14:00 GMT
Wed 20th Oct 2021


£75.00 + VAT per person

Performance management appears to be a taboo subject in most businesses. Many managers shy away from direct discussions with their poorly performing staff in the hope that they will improve of their own accord. However, in most cases, this does not happen and inefficient working becomes the norm. Sadly, poor performance does not only lead to that employee working inefficiently but it also has a detrimental impact on team morale. Frequently, the rest of the team may be left feeling disgruntled as they are picking up the slack.

The aim of the training session is to help the managers understand what process they must follow and why, including setting out the legal tests applicable to performance management dismissals. We will pay particular attention to targets and how to set them and the importance of using probationary periods and appraisals effectively.

Who should attend?
This would be suitable for line managers and HR managers.

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