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Franchise agreement reviews

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Are you about to take on a franchise and need specialist legal support with your agreement before you sign up?

Fixed fee review

Our fixed fee franchise agreement reviews are £795+VAT. This service includes a review of your franchise agreement providing you with a clear and comprehensive written report on its key terms so that you understand exactly what you are signing up to. We believe it is critically important that prospective franchisees fully appreciate their legal obligations and liabilities pursuant to their franchise agreement, at the outset of the franchising relationship to help avoid any future disputes.

UK franchise agreements will often be a detailed, lengthy, legal document drafted in favour of the Franchisor and are usually stated to be non-negotiable. Our franchising expert however will guide you through the review process and:

  • help you understand your rights and obligations;
  • point out any particular unfair, onerous or unusual terms; and
  • advise on terms/queries in the agreement that you should directly raise with the franchisor for further clarification or amendment.

We also offer a follow up phone/video call to answer any questions you may still have following receipt of our report, within our fixed fee.

We can also assist with the drafting or review of a side letter, varying or clarifying any terms of the franchise agreement if required and with any property advice you may require if you will operate the franchise business from separate premises.*

Why Paris Smith?

We are affiliate members of the British Franchise Association and have lots of experience acting for franchisees. We have seen a wide range of franchise agreements, the good, the bad and the ugly(!) in a wide range of business sectors.

Taking on the running of a business means both a financial and emotional investment so having the right legal support is crucial.

Whether it’s getting your franchise agreement right, support through the buying process or commercial advice on the running of your franchise, our in-house specialist can help get you and your franchise to where you want to be.

*a further cost estimate will be provided for any additional work.

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How we’ve helped our clients

“Thank you for your support and advice on the Action Coach franchise agreement. You really did help me in making a decision to go with the company.”

Prospective franchisee

“I contacted Emily after finding an article she had written about franchises as I was experiencing issues with my franchisor. Emily provided expert advice and guidance which allowed me to resolve the matter swiftly and positively. ”

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