Privacy Notices


We are all required by law to give data subjects significant information about how we process their personal data and our Privacy Notice is the main way that we do this. A clearly drafted Privacy Notice will demonstrate compliance with UK and EU data protection laws and will ensure that your customers and visitors to your website are properly informed.

We can guide you through all of your data protection issues ranging from writing your outward facing privacy notice and your internal privacy policy, all the way up to advising on complex international data sharing frameworks.

Our specialist Data Protection team can:

  • identify whether you are a data controller or data processor and explain the legal ramifications of each;
  • ensure your privacy notice clearly explains your data processing activities and complies with all UK and EU legal requirements;
  • ensure your privacy notice includes clarity on consent to use of cookies;
  • advise on international data transfers;
  • advise on EU aspects of your data processing activities; and
  • guide you through data subject access requests and investigations/complaints from the ICO.

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Ryan Mitchell
Associate Solicitor – Commercial



How we’ve helped our clients

“We needed a Partner to help us with the legal changes that are affecting our business and the original team we used had been taken over by a large partnership which meant that it was quite an impersonal service. We were looking for a more personalised service where we got advice from a relatively local team. I had a knowledge of Paris Smith previously and there were a couple of people whom I knew on the team so the choice was easy plus the response and advice we initially got was excellent. We have rewritten all our contracts and Privacy policies and the team has helped us on the road around GDPR plus we have also used the HR side of the business which has been excellent as well. Paris Smith is big enough to give you every bit of advice you may need whilst giving a very personal service which caters for us specifically. Paris Smith have an all round ability to cover all your legal needs and have expertise that gives you both sage advice but also tailored to your business. I would recommend them to partner with you to ensure your business receives the best advice. ”

Richard Sawnery, CFO – Feefo