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My experience

I am an associate specialising in:

  • divorce and separation matters;
  • financial claims, including pension claims, claims for children, maintenance and property;
  • enforcement proceedings;
  • disputes relating to children;
  • emergency injunctions;
  • cohabitation/TOLATA claims;
  • living together/cohabitation agreements; and
  • separation agreements; and
  • mediation.

I have experience dealing with matters that involve various corporate structures, trusts, pensions and investments.

I also act for parties who are joined to or intervene in financial remedy proceedings as a result of arguments about jointly owned assets or assets in which other parties hold a beneficial interest.

I frequently advise in relation to children disputes, including applications for child arrangements, specific issue orders, prohibited steps orders and enforcement of child arrangements.

I am a qualified mediator and am able to assist parties who wish to engage in mediation to resolve matters where appropriate (in respect of any family matters).

Examples of my experience include:

  • advising in respect of divorce and financial matters involving numerous different pensions;
  • advising in respect of financial settlements involving complex trust and company structures;
  • acting for parties in contested court proceedings relating to property ownership, sale or transfer of jointly-owned properties and arguments in relation to beneficial ownership;
  • acting for parents in contested court proceedings in relation to the return of children from elsewhere in the UK and the enforcement of a child arrangements order; and
  • acting for interveners within financial remedy proceedings.

I am a member of Resolution. I believe in a non-confrontational and constructive approach to family matters and the avoidance of costly court proceedings where possible, including through mediation. I am confident in dealing with court proceedings where this is necessary, including representing clients at hearings as appropriate.

I have completed the Paragon Dragonfly training and I am a Dragonfly Champion.

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A Dragonfly Champion is someone who has attended the Paragon/Dragonfly training in relation to Domestic Abuse. They are trained to provide a listening ear and are a link to domestic abuse support agencies so that isolated people can access help. In addition, I am a qualified lawyer with extensive experience in dealing with cases with varying levels of domestic abuse and can advise on options for those experiencing any type of domestic abuse.



Insights from Danielle Taylor

Family Mediation Week : 16 - 20 January 2023

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Danielle Taylor | 4th November 2022

Legal Mythbusting : The Decree Absolute


Danielle Taylor | 4th November 2022

Legal Mythbusting : The Decree Absolute

00:35 Dani talks through the four stages to a divorce proceeding: divorce petition, acknowledgement of service form, decree nisi, and decree absolute
00:17 Dani explains how long a divorce normally takes
01:41 Is Decree Absolute the end? Dani talks through what the decree absolute does not cover
02:03 What happens if couples come to an amicable agreement between themselves? Dani discusses how informal agreements do not prevent a financial remedy application being made and what you should do in this situation
03:27 What are the legal implications if one party re-marries?
03:50 What happens when divorce is based on 2 or 5 year separation?
04:15 The timing of decree absolute, how will this affect you financially? Dani discusses wills, death of a spouse and pension payments
06:41 Reasons you might delay Decree Absolute
06:55 How does Decree Absolute your matrimonial home right?


How I’ve helped our clients

I found working with Danielle and Sharlott a very focused and professional experience - of excellent quality, well organised and always very timely. In particular you have a very calm, fact based and down to earth approach, which worked particularly well for me by helping me stay grounded and focused throughout the whole process. I also observed that it was extremely successful (from my perspective) when you were interacting with the judge and my wife’s representatives during the dispute resolution hearings. The contrast between your style and that adopted by others was stark, and in the end that probably worked to my advantage.

Name withheld

I am so grateful to my solicitor Danielle, who listened to my rather traumatic situation, and supported me throughout the divorce process. Danielle gave me expert advice from the outset, and continued to do so throughout. I am now settled in a new home with my son ready to start the healing process and a new chapter in my life. I would definitely recommend your law firm if the need ever arose.

Name withheld