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Diane Godfroy

Paralegal - Debt Recovery

My experience

I am an experienced paralegal within our Commercial Disputes team with over 35 years’ experience in litigation including:

  • debt recovery;
  • asset based finance litigation; and
  • commercial and contractual disputes.

My key focus in on debt and asset recovery and I act for a wide spectrum of commercial clients, including:

  • recruitment agencies (from SME up to multinational);
  • asset based lenders, banks and financial institutions; and
  • trade creditors.

I have received widespread recognition for being extremely efficient, consistently responsive to clients’ needs and requirements and achieve extraordinarily high recovery rates for clients.

From initial instruction through to resolution of a matter, my focus is on maintaining consistent dialogue with the client and ensuring positive results are obtained whilst balancing cost effective provision of debt recovery services. As with all lawyers within the Dispute Resolution team, I ensure that a client understands the likely costs of advancing various debt recovery procedures (and the prospects of success) ahead of embarking on the same, thereby ensuring transparency from initial instruction through to resolution.

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How I’ve helped our clients

I approached Paris Smith to aid the support of payment relating to invoices sent to end clients that have fallen overdue and where we have directly failed in our attempts to resolve. Paris Smith were known to our FD prior to Quba and it was a natural process to ask them to act on our behalf at the inception of our operation. The team and on this occasion, Diane Godfroy in particular helped to support our efforts in resolving disputes and obtaining payments. We have an excellent relationship with all of the PS team who know our business well and are therefore able to understand the specific idiosyncrasies of our operation. They are a great team who always respond promptly and act on our behalf with best intentions.

Paul Curtis, Finance Manager - Quba Solutions
Quba Solutions

Diane was clear and precise. She was up front about charges. Most importantly she was quick to respond.

JG - Dispute Case

Diane is knowledgeable and diligent. She worked quickly to help us with the challenges we faced and we would definitely work with her again.

Debt & Asset Recovery Client