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Sustainable Procurement Policy


This policy is an extension to our Community and Social Responsibility statement and underpins our aim to continually improve our sustainability in the way we run our business and this includes the way we do business with our suppliers.

Aims of this policy

To ensure that our suppliers are adopting and following similar processes to ourselves in that they operate responsibly and that they have a mechanism for assessing the health, safety and environmental implications of doing business and that we can monitor their compliance with our requirements. Suppliers will also need to show that they treat their people fairly and with respect and that there is visible evidence of equality.

Approach and Method

Through this policy we aim to encourage and influence our suppliers to think about their sustainability and to investigate their own environmental impact including the way they use resources, reduce waste, manage energy consumption and consider their carbon footprint.

Our method of engaging with our suppliers to achieve the above aims is based upon:

  • establishing sustainability criteria to be satisfied before the awarding of a contract;
  • where relevant, to encourage suppliers to submit alternative pricing and product ranges based on favouring products which have sustainable sourcing and a reduced impact on the environment;
  • ensuring that we deal with our suppliers and potential suppliers fairly and ethically and in accordance with our Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy;
  • ensuring that we are working with suppliers who have ethical standards and who actively work to improve their environmental impact in a similar way to ourselves; 
  • encouraging continuous improvement with regard to sustainability; and
  • ensuring that our suppliers comply with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, so far as is practical given their size and the nature of their business. 

This policy has been developed by the Practice Director in liaison with the Environmental Committee and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

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