Paris Smith’s agriculture and estates team has completed well in excess of £120m worth of deals since the start of the pandemic. The specialist team work firm wide with Planning, Tax and Corporate departments.

Guy Hurst, consultant said: “There has been a surge of interest from people looking to buy prime property in the countryside. It’s less related to COVID-19 but more about Brexit – people wanted to see how Brexit played out and now there’s a ‘let’s get on and do it’ attitude that’s prevailing.”

The team facilitated the meeting of short deadlines as well as timely advice on stamp duty. Guy added, “We exchanged contracts on one estate sale within 24 hours – our speed of response and pragmatic analysis of the transaction was absolutely crucial to the deal going through as there were other higher bidders in the offing who needed more time to perform.”

Pent-up demand over this period has driven up prices. One transaction that the team was involved with saw an estate sold for £4m over its asking price. Guy added; “Our ability to advise on stamp duty reliefs has enabled us legitimately to save our clients hundreds of thousands of pounds on high value purchases since March which can make the difference between a purchase being affordable or not.”

The team attribute its success to their commercial, holistic approach.

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