Many of the neighbour disputes we see, that arise when renovating your home, could have been avoided. You can read our full article featured in  Muddy Stilettos on home renovations, but in this blog we concentrate on 6 tips to avoid neighbour disputes when planning your renovations.

6 tips on avoiding neighbour disputes

You might wish to consider the following 6 tips to avoid neighbour disputes as you plan to undertake your renovation works to your home:

  1. Are your works close to your neighbour’s land or buildings? Do you need to be mindful of the Party Wall Act 1996 and enlist the services of a Party Wall Surveyor?
  2. Flag to your architect any known common services that may provide drainage and other utilities to your neighbour to ensure they are not interfered with by your plans.
  3. Will your project be interfering with any of your neighbour’s rights of light? If in doubt, engage a solicitor or surveyor to advise.
  4. Does the title to the land which you are hoping to develop or improve on contain any restrictive covenants that might restrict your plans? Seek advice from your solicitor or look at the Report on Title from your conveyancer when you purchased the property.
  5. Check that your plans don’t encroach on any of your neighbour’s land and get familiar with the precise nature of the boundary lines around your intended development.
  6. Above all, approach any neighbours that might be impacted by your intended works or improvement plans in the design phase. Work with them to resolve any issues before they arise. Falling out with your neighbours, at a time when we are all locked in, is not an option.

Other potential pitfalls to avoid

If you are planning any renovation works and need the advice and guidance of a planning consultant, speak to Jane Rarok, our in-house principal planning consultant.

If you are experiencing a dispute with your neighbour and need to talk to a solicitor about the best way to settle the dispute, contact our specialist property and boundary dispute team.