Local Portsmouth landmark, the Spinnaker Tower, has confirmed its new commercial sponsor, Emirates. The new ‘Emirates Spinnaker Tower’, named after the Dubai airline, will undergo changes in signage and branding by July 17 this year following the sale of the tower’s naming rights, just in time for the city’s involvement with the 35th America’s Cup World series sailing event.

The joining of two well known names is always an interesting issue and one that that I was discussing only yesterday over lunch with a well known bank. The battle of the [good]wills is always one where one party comes out with its name in second place.
Here, the Spinnaker Tower is obviously a well known landmark in Portsmouth. The name SPINNAKER had to remain and the conjunction with a famous brand could be a huge advantage to publicity.

However, there has been significant backlash from the local Portsmouth football fans. Those of you who are Pompey fans will be aware that their colour is …. BLUE. And the Emirates colour and the colour of the new Emirates Spinnaker Tower is …. RED. This happens to be the colour of Pompey’s arch rivals, the Saints.

Interesting, that a colour (which has long been able to be registered in a definitive pantone as a trade mark – the AA ‘yellow’; the Orange ‘orange’ etc) has such goodwill attributed to it. Interesting too that no one on Portsmouth City Council picked this up in advance….!