The Government have made their quarterly announcement for those who have breached national minimum wage. There are now 75 more employers on the list, which is much longer than the previously published lists. The employers are across all different industries and owe a whooping £153,000 in total to their employees

The consultation with the Low Pay Commission has also started in relation to the Government plan for a National Living Wage of around £9.00. This consultation is looking at whether the increase in the minimum wage will create issues with compliance and enforcement. The closing date with be September 2015 although the increases are due to start in April 2016, when the over 25’s National Living Wage is proposed to be £7.20.

However if the increases to wages happen quickly, there is speculation that the list of employers breaching National Minimum/ Living Wage will increase and the number of those ‘named and shamed’ may continue to grow.