This blog contains our planning guide for homeowners wishing to extend their property, construct an outbuilding or create an annex.

Are you considering extending your home or adding an outbuilding? Maybe you need more room to be able to work from home or want to provide an annex to accommodate an older or vulnerable member of your family?

Planning guide

This planning guide looks at what type of extension or outbuilding you require and what you could achieve using permitted development rights.

Consider the options for your home.

Do you need planning permission for your extension or outbuilding?

Finding out whether planning permission is required for your extension or outbuilding is an important step when considering your options.

Permitted development rights

Permitted development rights – Prior approval

Changes of use/conversions


Planning permission

What to consider when planning your project

Understanding the potential impacts of your proposal on your surroundings and neighbours can help you to refine your plans. This could include considerations of location, layout and design.


Home offices


When considering your options, obtaining early planning advice will help identify which aspects of your project could be undertaken using permitted development rights and which will require planning permission.

What to consider when submitting a planning application

As well as national planning policy, your local planning authority will have specific planning policies for householder development such as extensions or outbuildings. The plans and details you submit for your application will be assessed against these policies as part of the planning application process.

It might be helpful to talk to your immediate neighbours about your plans before submitting a planning application as it will give you an opportunity to address any questions or concerns they may have at an early stage. Your neighbours will have an opportunity to comment on your proposals as part of the planning application process.

Obtaining early planning advice can help you consider the best options for the additional space you need whether that’s through exercising your permitted development rights or with a planning application. A planning consultant will carry out the necessary planning history research to identify any restrictive planning conditions on your property or in your area, and identify any local constraints. They will prepare and submit your application, liaise and negotiate with the local planning authority on your behalf. Planning consultants can also provide advice regarding lawful development certificates, for example to confirm that your proposal is permitted development, as well as providing advice on planning conditions and legal agreements.

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