The National Outdoor Events Association has called for a Parliamentary debate on banning the use of Chinese lanterns. The concern stems from the serious potential harm to wildlife, livestock and marine animals from lantern parts as well as the threat of fire – in July 2013 a fire in the West Midlands started by a Chinese lantern caused £6m worth of damage.

Anyone thinking of running an event must think about the potential risks involved and their potential liability if something goes wrong. An organisation that employs people has a legal duty to assess and minimise the risks to the health and safety of others arising from their business activities, which may include holding events. If Chinese lanterns are being considered, businesses will need to think about measures to ensure that any risk to human safety is eliminated or reduced to the lowest level possible.  For more information click here  to listen to an audio on Farming Today (the relevant extract starts at 2 minutes 49 seconds)