Mediation can hold the key to settling commercial disputes outside of court. In his latest podcast, Managing Partner Peter Taylor explains what mediation is and how it applies to commercial disputes.

Show notes:
00:28 What is mediation? Peter defines what happens
01:00 How successful is mediation statistically and what is the role of the nominated mediator?
01:27 Mediation can be particularly useful when parties need to maintain a relationship. Peter talks through when this might be the case
01:43 Peter talks about the wider benefits of mediation as opposed to the courts.
02:26 What happens if a dispute is not settled in a mediation?
02:49 Are there any disadvantages to mediation?
03:42 What is the process in mediation? Peter explains the stages which parties go through step by step
05:55 What happens when a settlement is agreed? When is this legally binding?
06:58 What does a settlement through mediation feel like?

For more information, and to find out if Mediation may be the right solution for your business, take a look at our Mediation page.