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Moving home can be a daunting task, so it can be hard to even know where to start when trying to get everything organised.

We have compiled a helpful moving home checklist so you can get ready for completion. There may be others depending on your personal situation.

Planning as much as possible in advance can help reduce stress when moving home.

Moving home checklist

  1. Book a removals company. Removals companies can get very busy, so try to do this as soon as possible after exchange.
  2. Book storage, if needed.
  3. Book a hotel room or accommodation for the days around the move, if needed.
  4. Arrange additional support if needed, for example, care for pets or other family members.
  5. Let utility and service providers (such as gas, electricity, water, TV, telephone, Wi-Fi and any house alarm provider) know the date you are moving. Do this as soon as possible after exchange as they will need advance warning. This may involve transferring accounts to your new property or closing existing accounts and opening new ones for your new home.
  6. Take meter readings (at your existing home and the new property) on the day of the move and let the relevant companies know these readings.
  7. Register for council tax payments at your new home. Alert your current local authority of your move so any existing account can be closed.
  8. Apply for any necessary parking permits at your new home. Cancel any permits for your existing home.
  9. Consider a postal redirect to your new home and give your new address to family and friends.
  10. Alert banks and companies of your change of address. The companies to alert will include credit card companies, any companies you have accounts with and any who contact you or deliver to you regularly.
  11. Update the electoral roll, your driving licence and your car ownership details.
  12. Let your car insurers know of your change in address.
  13. Put contents insurance in place for your new home from the day you move in. Cancel any buildings and contents insurance for any property you are selling.
  14. Sign up to local services such as the local doctors and ensure you have enough of any medication you take to see you through the moving period.

Further help and information

If you found this moving home checklist helpful and would like more information or legal advice, get in touch with our friendly team of local experts.