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Gemma Robinson

On 9 February 2015, Gemma Robinson had a successful day in the Immigration & Asylum First-tier Tribunal. In the case Gemma’s client was appealing the decision to refuse him entry clearance in to the UK on a permanent basis. The Entry Clearance Officer’s refusal was based on the fact that he did not believe that Gemma’s client had a ‘genuine and subsisting relationship’ with his wife, as they had lived apart in different countries for many years.

Gemma collated substantial documentary evidence to support their genuine relationship and drafted detailed witness statements to evidence their 20 year marriage. At the hearing, the Home Office commented that the case had been extremely well put together, and in light of this they no longer contested the appeal. The Judge therefore granted Gemma’s client indefinite leave to remain in the UK. This case was a stark reminder that any application to the Home Office must be presented and evidenced in accordance with the Immigration Rules and guidance.

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