Early 2015 could see the introduction of tougher sentences for disqualified drivers who cause death or serious injury.

The Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, has announced plans to change the law so that disqualified drivers who cause death will face up to 10 years in prison and those who cause serious injury up to four years. Mr Grayling plans also to launch a full review of all driving offences and penalties over the next few months “to ensure people who endanger lives and public safety are properly punished”.

A review of driving offences cannot, in my view, be a bad thing. Road safety, particularly in business life, is a topical subject for me at the moment as I prepare to speak at the annual Blue Lamp Trust conference in Southampton on 9th May. The emphasis of my talk is on preventative action i.e. what employers should do to manage effectively the safety of their own drivers and also others who might be affected by their driving. Whilst accidents do happen, improved driver safety in the business community sitting alongside robust sentences for serious driving offences must be steps in the right direction.

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