There are many forms of marketing but well organised and targeted entertainment for clients is still an important part of the mix. Indeed, over the last few years, despite the state of the economy, far from it disappearing into the ether, it has experienced continued interest with more and more businesses hosting events. There are many different types of corporate entertainment but most have similar aims: (a) to promote the company, (b) to motivate staff, (c) to generate new business and (d) to show appreciation to key clients.

Corporate entertainment can take many forms, from sporting events to something more hands on like clay pigeon shooting, car simulator racing or carting. It’s important that you don’t run events that people internally like as opposed to what your clients would enjoy. Whilst football and rugby are tremendous team sports and a well organised platform for entertaining, they are not everybody’s cup of tea.

To give a personal example of entertainment, recently I was asked to provide an in-house working lunch for a client handover for a lawyer going off on maternity leave; she wanted to provide a working lunch that was more than just a sandwich platter. I enlisted the help of Halo Catering (Southampton Football Club’s in-house caterer), who came along with a waiter and chef and turned one of our boardrooms into a wonderful dining experience. They dressed the table and provided a beautiful Mediterranean buffet lunch which was an array of colours. Then they served a trio of deserts for the clients accompanied by an extensive cheese board. This experience left our clients feeling that we had gone the extra mile and truly valued their custom.