I hope you enjoyed my first blog (its not too late to comment!) on what to expect from me over the next six months. In todays blog I would like to focus on the 8 golden rules when booking a venue for a conference. Most of this will be simple common sense but for those of you perhaps starting out in a marketing or events role it doesn’t hurt to cover a few of the 101 elements.

As I said previously this is a new way of communicating with you, my plan is to run the blog for a six-month trial period to see if we are getting it right. We will post regularly (at least once a fortnight) and you can expect posts on a wide range of topics, ranging from event management, sponsorship, PR, branding and possibly touching on other subjects that come across my desk that I feel you may wish to hear about.

The blog is here for you to express your views direct to me and my team and we in turn will listen. I welcome any comments you may have.