To continue to receive Companies House filing deadlines for your company you must register with the email reminder service.

Email reminder service for Companies House filing deadlines

Reminders of filing deadlines, which include the company’s annual confirmation statement, are no longer being sent by post to the company’s registered office address. Companies should have received a letter last year explaining that reminders are now only sent by email to those who sign up to the email reminder service.

Companies House has stopped the paper reminders as a cost-saving measure and expects to save around £1.2 million each year as a result. The change took effect in November 2020.

How do I sign up to the email reminder service?

You can sign up to the free email reminder service using your Companies House login details. If you don’t already have an account then you can register one for free. You will also need the company’s number and authentication code. A maximum of 4 people can receive notifications for each company.

Where can I find the company’s number?

Search for the company’s name on the Companies House website to find the company’s 8 digit company number.

What if I don’t have the company’s authentication code?

You can request that the code be sent to the company’s registered office by signing into WebFiling at Companies House.

If you have any company filing queries then please contact Ryan Mitchell.