What are settlement agreements and why are they beneficial? Employment Solicitor Sarah Hayes takes us through a guide to what should you need to know and the practical steps that need to be taken for them to be legally binding.


Show notes
00:28 What are settlement agreements? Sarah defines what it means
00:48 What is the purpose  and what will include
01:15 There are various benefits of having a settlement agreement – Sarah talks through what these are
02:00 How long does it take to agree the terms?
02:40 It is important to see a solicitor about settlement agreements – Sarah talks about how this works in practice
04:06 What happens if you want to negotiate the terms of your agreement and do you have to sign the agreement? Sarah explains in detail and what the implications are for you.
04:45 How do you know if you’re getting a fair deal?
05:30 What is the typical time frame for payments being made?