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My IPO blog tells me that today is British Intellectual Property day – the day when we should be celebrating innovation and taking a moment to consider all the Intellectual Property that we are generating within our business.

We all know that IP is valuable and of strategic importance to any business, regardless of its size. But all too often, businesses fail to keep their IP strategy up to date – to include new innovation, to update policies and to project forward to look at what new ideas are coming, which new territories are in the business plan and to align their IP strategy with the commercial aims of the business.

Once IP protection is in place, keeping on top of competitors – either to maintain a monopoly position or to create opportunities for revenue generation – has to be budgeted for.

We offer an IP audit and strategy service which helps businesses gain a clear picture of their IP assets and to ensure that an effective IP management and enforcement strategy is in place.

Read our IP audit services or our IP strategy services factsheets if you would like further information on either, or email me

Visit our Intellectual Property services page for a full list of our IP offering.