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We recently published guidance on Local Authorities “Call for Sites” for development and the process that entails should a landowner want to have their land allocated for development and thus increase value and marketability.

When selling land, it’s important that you will have worked with a good planner or land agent. As a result part of your property, farmland or estate is now allocated for development.

You may even have been approached by an agent or site finder and there is a red-hot buyer who wants to develop your land.

The last thing one wants is a long-protracted sale when selling land. This will increase both your legal fees and stress levels, and create worry that the buyer will walk away.

Many delays in property sales arise not due to a problem with the buyer or their finance (although some do) but because there are problems with the property being sold that take time to resolve, or indeed delays by the seller in dealing with essential pre-contract enquiries and providing information.

Whilst it is impossible to be sure that every possible impediment to a swift sale is removed, there are some simple steps every property owner can take to minimise the risks and some of the main ones are:

You can contact our agricultural and selling land expert Elinor Davis for any questions about the process.