Further to my post last month, relating to the immigration cap for skilled workers coming to the UK from outside the EEA, there has been an interesting development.

You may recall that under the Tier 2 scheme, there are 20,700 available places per year to employers wanting to recruit skilled workers from outside the EEA. This number is then split into monthly allocations of 1,650. The Home Office has confirmed for the first time, that the allocations for June 2015 have been exhausted, meaning that the arrival of some skilled workers have been refused. It is reported that nurses, accountants, teachers and solicitor applications were all refused this month.

The cap of 20,700 was introduced under the coalition government in 2011 and it has taken four years for the monthly cap to be hit. This is likely to have a significant impact on businesses, especially if the cap continues to be exhausted each month, as those positions remain vacant in the UK economy. In my opinion, this development will put more emphasis on trying to place a post within the national shortage occupation list, as such a job attracts 75 points (rather than 30 points for a level 6 skilled job) so there is more chance of coming within the 1,650 allocation.

If you have received a refusal decision and would like advice on your options, please give me a call on 02380 482343.