We have prepared a guide to litigation to help our clients understand the process that governs civil cases in the county courts and High Court in England and Wales. This Guide is aimed at anyone who may be looking to commence or defend a claim for the first time. It addresses frequently asked questions we receive from new clients about what to expect and how they should prepare their case before trial.

The civil courts are governed by the Civil Procedure Rules (“CPR”). These are rules that all parties and the court must follow in order to ensure that each case is dealt with according to the “overriding objective”. The overriding objective dictates that all matters are dealt with justly and at proportionate cost and is the key principle which the CPR aims to follow and to which the parties must help the court to further. Failing to follow the rules can cost dearly resulting in a party being penalised in costs by the court even if their claim should be successful eventually.

In order to keep the Guide as short as possible we have not referred to specific rules and protocols that apply to certain types of cases rather this Guide is a general overview of the procedure that applies to civil cases such as:

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This Guide was created in Spring 2021. All links and references are based on the rules at that time and this Guide should not be relied upon as legal advice. For more information or advice regarding a specific case contact Nicola Davies.