For the first time since 2009, recruitment into non-legal Employment Tribunal member roles is being undertaken. This could be an exciting opportunity for some of our contacts in the community.

Approximately 340 people will be accepted for either employer or employee non-legal panels. Candidates choose which panel they would prefer to be a part of for their time as a non-legal member. The backgrounds of current non-legal members are diverse, with members holding down previous positions as Union Representatives, Human Resources Specialists, Academics; or roles with the Citizens Advice Bureau or Police Force.

Each hearing will involve a non-legal member from the employer panel and the employee panel in addition to an experienced employment judge. This process is intended to provide a balanced and considered view and decision in each case.

Applicants are not expected to have specific tribunal advocacy experience (as they will receive training), however applicants must:

Relevant experience issues includes experience of disciplinary and grievance procedures or appeals, equity and diversity issues, performance management, whistleblowing, pay negotiations, and employee wellbeing, in addition to other areas.

There is a 5 stage application process involving an online application and test, scoring of the application including three personal statements, a panel interview, vetting and appointment, and training. The first stage (online) closes on 14 June 2019.

For further details about this opportunity please visit the Manpower website