On 31 July 2013 the Southern Daily Echo ran an article examining the financial pressures being experienced within the sports and fitness sector and how to deal with them as they arise. I was asked for comment in my capacity as Vice-Chairman of the Southern Region Committee of R3 (the Association of Business Recovery Professsionals). The article can be found here 

I very much enjoy helping to inform public understanding of such issues, not only because it may chance to help rescue a business from closure, but also because in order to say something meaningful which can be understood by others who do not necessarily have a full understanding of the perils of insolvency, you are forced to really think deeply about a sector as a whole. It also gives you an excellent excuse to really probe the experiences of colleagues – both internally within your firm and externally within the wider business community –  which are often rich and varied. I am particularly indebted to Mike Field, Joint Liquidator of Accolade Gym Ltd (incorrectly referenced as Accolade Fitness Ltd in the article) for his insights.