We read an interesting article recently on whether “lean start ups mean less IP”.   It is an interesting discussion, particularly in this world of cost-cutting, focus on streamlining and the idea that minimalism rules!  However, surely the ‘lean start up’ should mean more IP?  If a business is trying to keep things lean and do away with all the fluff of commercialisation, then the key business element to focus on and ensure is robust, is your IP.

You’ve all heard me bang on about how focusing on your IP increases the value of your business (and those that haven’t really should come along to one of our training sessions and you will know that I am firmly of the view that if you are cutting costs and looking to narrow down to the barebones of your organisation, then focus on your intellectual property is the way to maximise value with minimum effort.  If you need some guidance as to how to carry out an IP audit or prepare an IP strategy then let us know.