Have you implemented the changes to employment contracts introduced in April 2020?

Following the Taylor Review, the government released the Good Work Plan which set out a number of changes to the way that labour relations in the UK are governed. From a practical perspective, employers should be aware that there were a number of regulatory changes being made to the scope of section 1 statements and consequently employment contracts as a result. These changes came into effect from 6 April 2020.

Please remember that the section 1 statement has always been the basis for the contractual documents that must be provided to the employee but are often contained into the contract of employment.

Broadly, from 6 April 2020 employers need to provide a written statement of particulars to all workers (and not just employees). The statement needs to be included in one document (which could be a section 1 statement or an employment contract) and needs to be provided to workers from the day they start employment (a ‘day one right’).

Previously employers had two months to provide this information. In light of the shortened turnaround, businesses may wish to consider providing workers these documents in advance of their employment or engagement commencing to ensure there is sufficient time to meet requirements.

Further information also needs to be given to workers over and above that which was previously required. The particulars cover a number of different working conditions such as:

Everyone that engages employees or workers should be aware of the above changes, particularly the requirement to provide the information to workers on day one.

If you haven’t already implemented this change, Paris Smith is able to assist in reviewing contracts for companies to ensure legislative compliance. Should you require further information, please contact one of our employment team members.