Last year, 10 per cent of patents granted in Europe were mobile related and included telecoms, digital multiplexing and digital data transfer. Samsung topped the list for the largest number of mobile related patents which list also included the usual suspects Microsoft, Sony, Nokia, Google and LG. As you might expect, this increase is mirrored and magnified in the US with over 25{ba3215b0bf35eaeb06be458b3396ffbfc50bb9db10c9ff1594dfc3875e90ea48} of patents granted last year relating to this technology sector. But interestingly, operators such as AT&T and Verizon are also adopting an international patent filing strategy rather than keeping their IP confidential. Whether to file a patent or keep it under wraps is always a crucial decision for a company as the cost of an international patent portfolio is often significant. This apparent swing towards patent filing in this cash-rich sector suggests that our own clients should review their own IP strategy, file when and where appropriate and tighten up on confidentiality obligations where the decision not to file has been made.