The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) this week released the government’s latest intellectual property enforcement strategy.

The 40 page document  gives an overview of the steps the government will take to tackle intellectual property infringement, with a particular focus on online infringement and counterfeit goods.

Acknowledging the rapidly changing landscape of intellectual property infringement, the government has identified six key objectives:

  1. Reducing the level of illegal content online – including consulting on the introduction of a notice and takedown Code of Practice which would provide a streamlined framework for rights holders to challenge infringers.
  2. Tackling the trade in counterfeit goods – by continuing to promote a cooperative and cross- jurisdictional approach to identifying, preventing and prosecuting counterfeit trade.
  3. Further strengthening the legal framework to facilitate easier access to justice – including the championing of pre-litigation services such as the IPO Mediation Service and intellectual property insurance products which can mitigate the expensive nature of enforcement proceedings for small businesses.
  4. Increasing education, awareness and building respect for intellectual property – including the introduction of online education programmes for consumers (including children) and the promotion of websites which link to legal content.
  5. Making it safer for UK rights holders and businesses to trade internationally – by continuing to collaborate with domestic and international partners to promote a unified response to intellectual property infringement.
  6. Improving the evidence base – including the introduction of a central database of Intellectual Property Enterprise Court cases and promoting information sharing between organisations such as Crimestoppers and Citizens Advice Bureau.

If you suspect that your intellectual property rights have been infringed, please contact Laura Trapnell, or Ryan Mitchell of our IP team.