We are delighted to be sponsoring the app for the Knights Foundation’s Teddy Bear Appeal app; a project which will allow the conversion of a lodge at a beautiful location on the south coast of England overlooking the sea is to to a high specification so that disabled families can enjoy a holiday in exactly the same way as an able-bodied family.

Families with a vulnerable child will face many difficult decisions. In our latest podcast, we aim to offer bite size legal advice to help these families. Partner Elizabeth Power talks through what options are available with regards to decision making when these vulnerable children turn 18.

Show notes:
00:50 How does the role of a parent change when a vulnerable child turns 18?
02:00 Elizabeth talks about how frustrating it can be for parents to communicate with medical professionals once a vulnerable child turns 18
02:15 What happens when a professional assesses the young person? Elizabeth talks through using the example of getting consent for dental work
03:35 What decision making options are available for parents? Elizabeth talks through what the documentation all means
04:56 What are the key parts of the Mental Capacity Act, 2005 you should understand as parent? Elizabeth explains they key principles
05:50 Applying to the Court of Protection and Deputies – Elizabeth talks through how this process works and when this happens
08:22 Contact us for more information – how we can help in this difficult situation