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Asda recently announced that it will be giving the Asda brand its first make over in over 10 years.

The supermarket giant will be refreshed at a cost of £600 million to include yellow “sunbeams” which brings it in line with the image of parent company Walmart.

Asda will also use a new slogan “save money, live better” as part of the brand revamp which is due to be formally rolled out this summer.

Asda CEO Andy Clarke mentioned the importance of the continuing relationship and the benefit of being part of Walmart. He said “ “I believe, we believe as a team, that being part of the world’s biggest retailer, being a part of Walmart, gives us a continued unique advantage in this market to continue to outperform the rest of our competitive set in the long term”.

Could this be the interim step before Asda changes its name to Walmart completely? Andy Clarke thinks not, stating “The brand heritage of Asda in the UK is loved by customers. This isn’t the first step, it is the only step in refreshing our brand”.

Whilst the streamlining of the brand will show the affiliation to the American might of Walmart, it is questionable how much weight this will carry here in the UK. Further, the “save money live better” is too descriptive to be registered as a trade mark. This however, does not rule out later registration when Asda should be able to prove goodwill through use of the slogan.

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