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Work-Life Balance


Work-Life Balance

Paris Smith recognises how important having a work-life balance is. We have a staff led social committee whose role is to organise various staff events throughout the year, in addition to the seasonal events such as summer and Christmas parties which form part of the social calendar. These events include quizzes, summer BBQs, bowling, private cinema trips and escape rooms. There are also sports teams which you can get involved in should you wish.

We also recognise the need for you to have the freedom to balance your day-to-day life with work. This is why we have inclusive and flexible policies and practices in place to accommodate your responsibilities and needs: children, family and beyond.

Our policies and practices around flexible working and family include:

Flexible Working

The time you spend outside of work helps to enhance your contribution and what you can bring to our firm. We recognise and value the commitments you may have outside of work and to demonstrate this, all of our people have an immediate right to request a flexible working arrangement under our flexible working policy including requests for Hybrid working which will be considered and granted where possible.

Maternity (including adoption) *

Our maternity (including adoption) leave policy is designed to provide flexibility and confidence for parents and families. It offers our people enhanced maternity pay and post-natal planning support.

Ordinary paternity leave*

Ordinary paternity leave enables fathers and partners to spend some time with their new family and offers our people enhanced paternity pay.

*Note: The information outlined above is intended to provide a brief overview of some of our current family leave policies, so does not include detailed information such as eligibility criteria or other policy requirements. These benefits are evolving and may change from time to time.