Managing Mental Ill Health


Supporting the mental health of your people has never been more important. Mental ill health issues are the number one reason for employees taking time off sick so it’s crucial that your mental health policies and procedures are fit for purpose and you know how to manage mental ill health issues in the workplace.

How we can help manage mental ill health in the workplace

  • Best practice with the day to day management of mental health issues.
  • Creating or developing mental health policies.
  • Dealing with Occupational Health and supporting medical evidence.
  • Managing persistent short term absence.
  • Managing long term absence due to mental health issues.
  • Disability discrimination issues and reasonable adjustments.
  • Managing the impact that poor mental health may have on performance.
  • Reporting procedures and return to work interviews.
  • Managing the work environment to reduce mental health issues.

We also regularly provide practical line manager training on managing mental ill health issues in the workplace.

How we’ve helped our clients

“It is great that Paris Smith are willing to be at the forefront of such initiatives. Any information or awareness about Mental Health First Aid at work is invaluable. It is great that Paris Smith are willing to be at the forefront of such initiatives, hopefully this will encourage other business and corporates to follow suit. Our people are our greatest assets, after all. ”

Sue McKenna, Chief Executive

Trinity Winchester

Introducing your key contacts

Clive Dobbin
Partner and Head of Employment, Southampton


David Roath
Partner – Employment Team, Winchester



Managing Mental Ill Health Resources

9th April 2021

Managing Mental Health at Work


9th April 2021

Managing Mental Health at Work

Employment experts Tabytha Cunningham and Claire Merritt answer the common questions managers have managing mental health at work. The pandemic has made it even more difficult to spot the signs of poor mental health, so how can we make sure we are being proactive as employers?

01:55 What do we mean by managing mental ill health at work?

03:56 When are employers liable for work related stress? What are the risk factors and where do employers stand?

07:00 What proactive steps can managers take to improve mental health of staff?

11:03 What does it mean to be a mental health first aider?

12:05 When is poor mental health classed as a disability?

16:26 If someone is disabled, what adjustments should you make?

18:42 What should potential triggers or warning signs should managers look out for?

24:08 What should a manager do when an employee discloses a mental health problem?

26:20 How best to manage poor performance related to mental ill health

Managing and supporting mental health at work with Mind:


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