Copyright subsists in the physical manifestation of your ideas and remains one of the most important rights a creative business owner can own because the wonderful thing about copyright is that it arises automatically in anything which is original, not copied from anywhere else and which has involved a degree of skill in its creation.

This means that any original photographs, drawings, documents, product descriptions, artistic works, website content, articles (the list can go on and on) are all protected by copyright which will last for your lifetime plus 70 years.

Copyright is owned by the person (or company) that creates it and so it is important to assign it back to you where you have contracted a third party to create it for you.

Copyright is infringed by anyone ‘copying’ a substantial part of the original – and this can be measured both in terms of quantity and quality.

How we can help with your copyright

  • Helping you understand your rights
  • Licensing your copyright works
  • Sale and transfer of copyright
  • Advising on infringement cases
  • Advice on using third party assets
  • Help with protecting your digital assets such as websites, software and designs

How we’ve helped our clients

“I approached Paris Smith based on the recommendation of another law firm I had worked with previously, regarding the split from an ex business partner. They helped me detangle the IP issues as part of the buyout and, importantly, supported me through the various aspects of the overall dispute. Business is not just business – especially not for SMEs like me! So it was critically important that Laura and Helen understood both the business issues, but also had an appreciation for how I might want to deal with things considering my personal objectives as well as outlook on life. I would recommend Laura and Helen and the team because they deeply care about their clients and are able to merry up the ‘cold’ legal world with the softer needs of the people they try to help. ”

Hanne Kristiansen – We are Creative Creatures

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Laura Trapnell
Partner – Head of Commercial and Intellectual Property



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