Negligence Claims Against Professionals


There will be occasions in your life when you need to engage a professional. A solicitor to buy your house or draft your will, a surveyor to value your house, an accountant to minimize your tax bill or a financial advisor to put you into the best investments.

Sometimes these professionals get things wrong. They carry professional indemnity insurance to protect them and provide a source of compensation when they make a mistake.

We have extensive experience in making claims against all types of professionals and most commonly resolving these disputes out of court.

Negligence matters we can help with

  • Incorrect wills or poorly managed estates
  • Incorrect financial advice
  • Flawed building design or engineering advice from architects and structural engineers
  • Missed legal deadlines or errors in documentation by solicitors and other legal professionals
  • Missed defects in property  and incorrect valuations by surveyors

People we have helped in negligence claims

  • Making a claim against a conveyancing solicitor for failing to have identified a number of “defects” in a property such as a ransom strip and a nearby wind farm and by pass resulting in a reduction in value of the house.
  • Several claims against tax accountants for incorrect/unsound advice on legitimate tax avoidance schemes.
  • Pursuing a surveyor for failing to identify dry rot in a building, reducing its value.
  • Making a claim against a financial advisor for incorrectly advising an employee to swap out of a final salary pension scheme.
  • Several claims against solicitors for wrongly drafting or executing wills, on behalf of disappointed beneficiaries and executors on behalf of the testators.

How we’ve helped our clients

“This short note is to acknowledge the high degree of expertise and professionalism exhibited by both Peter Ralls QC and Oliver Brady, solicitor, in resolving for me a dispute which had previously rolled on for a long period of time. It has provided me with a great deal of confidence to know, as I do, that they were both firmly on my side and so my sincere thanks to them both.”

Robin Pope

Introducing your key contact

Peter Taylor
Managing Partner – Commercial Disputes



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