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Employment Law Advice Meetings – Fixed Fee Scheme

If you are having issues with your employer, we can provide you with employment law advice about your legal position and your options going forward.

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We often see clients who are facing disciplinary charges, feel they are being discriminated against or wishing to raise a grievance. We also see people who may be facing redundancy situations or a transfer of their employment. Our employment law experts based in Southampton and Winchester can help you understand your rights and navigate a way forward.

How we can help

We offer new clients an initial fixed fee meeting to discuss their situation in more detail with one of our employment law solicitors. Prior to the meeting you will be asked to provide a brief summary of the situation.

At the meeting, you will be asked to give the background and further detail as needed. The solicitor can then advise on the legal issues, practical considerations and options going forward. In the meeting, any future work will be agreed with you, or you can go away and consider your options. In some cases, you might not need anything more than the fixed fee meeting.

How much will a fixed fee meeting cost?

The cost of the meeting will be charged at a fixed fee rate of £150 plus VAT (£180) for up to 1 hour’s advice by a solicitor in the team. This meeting is priced on the basis that you will not require the solicitor to read through any documents in advance of your meeting.

If you would like the solicitor to read through relevant documentation in advance of your appointment, we charge a slightly higher fixed fee of £195 plus VAT. This includes up to 30 minutes of the solicitor’s time in advance of the appointment reviewing the paperwork. It also includes up to a 1-hour meeting with you to talk through the situation. Please note, if more than 30 minutes of time is required based on the volume of the documents, or complexity of them, the solicitor will contact you to provide a cost estimate for any additional time required in advance of your meeting.

Certain matters may be too complex or involved for the fixed fee scheme. If the matter is not suitable for the fixed fee scheme, we will discuss your options and provide you with details of the likely costs.

Where and when will the meeting be held?

Whilst based in the South of England, Paris Smith acts for businesses and families throughout the UK. Technology has enabled us to provide a high level of service to our clients whether the are local to our offices or not. Our advice can be given in many ways:

  • Over the telephone
  • Via video conferencing
  • In face to face meetings

In our early conversations with you, we will talk through how you would like to be contacted and the best ways for us to meet with you.

We have a team of 9 specialist employment law solicitors and therefore our availability is good. We can generally arrange a meeting for the next working day, but have the flexibility to suit your needs.

In-House Counsel

Our team of experienced lawyers is well-equipped to support you in various ways. Whether you require advice on a specific issue, additional resources due to capacity constraints, or a second opinion, we are here to help. Explore our legal counsel page for more information and details on our schedule of seminars, specifically designed for in-house counsel.

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How we’ve helped our clients

“They helped me decide on the best and most appropriate solution in my circumstances. I instructed Paris Smith on a complex exit from a professional practice. They were clear and concise in their advice. They helped me decide on the best and most appropriate solution in my circumstances. They talked through the options and gave me a really clear view on the likely outcomes of each option. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact the Employment team in the future and recommend them to anybody in similar circumstances. I would recommend Paris Smith LLP. ”

Architecture Services

“Outstanding service provided by Tabytha Cunningham and her colleague Charlotte Farrell. I would highly recommend Tabytha as she provided exceptional and first class legal advice on an elongated dispute with my previous employer. Tabytha is very professional and her attention to detail is astounding. Tabytha is honest, hardworking, trusted and a brilliant individual working for a well sought after legal company – she is a real credit to Paris Smith LLP. Tabytha kept me in the loop and did exactly as she said she would and I was never let down. After two years I was grateful for Tabytha’s tenacity and her extreme passion in her role. Highly recommended.”

Daljit Kooner

“We had an amazing experience great advice and we put our trust in our legal advisor whom took time to listen and did not disappoint.”

VS – Grievance

“One source said I deal with David Roath mostly, sometimes Clive Dobbin and other members of the employment team. They have a good understanding of the sensitivities of our business and the advice we receive is measured and sensible. We feel very supported and not just another client”. Another says “Very professional and common sense approach to queries and issues”, whilst another added “Very helpful with great knowledge and offer good advice. ”

Legal 500 2023 – Referee Comments

“Referees say “They always impress with their breadth of knowledge” and “They are very commercially aware.””

Chambers & Partners 2023 – Referee Comments

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