Personal Insolvency


Dealing with financial difficulties and the impact and aftermath of a potential bankruptcy is inherently stressful and can be all consuming; at times it may be difficult to see how you can move forward and the choices you face may appear impossible. We can help you start to see the wood for the trees, to identify solutions and options.

What we can help with

  • Negotiate with creditors and manage communications
  • Guide you with debt disputes 
  • Help  you to oppose statutory demands and creditor bankruptcy petitions
  • Advise you on the legal implications of IVAs and of applying for your own bankruptcy
  • Help you understand your duties and obligations if you are bankrupt
  • Advise you on your options if you jointly own property with a bankrupt person or claim any other rights in a property registered to a bankrupt person
  • Help you to deal appropriately with assets which may have vested in your (or your spouse’s) trustee in bankruptcy
  • Assist with relief from bankruptcy restrictions
  • Help you to defend and negotiate void disposition claims
  • Help you to defend and negotiate transaction at undervalue claims
  • Help you to defend and negotiate unlawful preference claims
  • Help you negotiate with trustees in bankruptcy and IVA supervisors generally
  • Applications to annul your bankruptcy
  • Advice regarding the administration of potentially insolvent deceased estates
  • Bankruptcy jurisdiction disputes and cross-border asset recovery

People we have helped

  • We helped the executors of a large and complex deceased estate involving hotels and other assets which turned out to be insolvent to apply successfully for an insolvent estates administration order and then to validate their expenses incurred in good faith by resisting a court application by the insolvent estate administrator to have them ruled as void.
  • We helped a bankrupt annul his bankruptcy and to successfully challenge various creditor claims and his trustee in bankruptcy’s costs where the trustee had acted prematurely and/or inappropriately.
  • We helped a former director of an insolvent company to avoid bankruptcy by persuading the liquidator that his beneficial interest in his family home was confined to 1% of the equity, that this could not be unravelled in a bankruptcy court and that his offer to settle the claims from his income was accordingly reasonable and should be accepted. 
  • We have helped numerous spouses, co-owners of property and other associates of bankrupts to negotiate and/or successfully oppose applications by trustees in bankruptcy for possession and sale of their homes and/or for orders in respect of alleged transactions at an undervalue, thus securing homes and livelihoods.
  • We have helped individuals of various nationalities to access the protection of an English bankruptcy in the face of creditor opposition and/or adjudicator concerns about jurisdiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here for all personal insolvency and corporate restructuring FAQ’s.

How we’ve helped our clients

“Thank you for being such a reassuring and effective support system to us through a very rocky time. We are pleased that life has moved on since then and that we are re-building our lives. ”

Mr and Mrs R


“They say that when we’re going through turmoil and feel like the entire world is crashing down around us, one way of getting through this is by turning our focus to all things we are grateful for. I have been very fortunate and am ever so grateful to have had your guidance and support. Thank you very much!”

Mrs P, London

“Thank you for your most excellent and diligent work on behalf of our son. Without your support and advice, we both feel the situation could have become much worse. Your experience and correctness showed through many times throughout the drawn out process. We would certainly seek your advice should we ever need further help in litigation. With very grateful thanks.”

Mr and Mrs E, West Sussex

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help, patience and understanding throughout the duration of the case and eventually achieving a comprehensive settlement for myself and my family. I am particularly grateful to you for the periods when I was finding it quite difficult to remain focused, but your calm and reassuring manner helped me to understand and get over those uncertain and psychologically demanding times.”

Mrs S, Middlesex

“It has been a pleasure working with Steve Adams and Mike Pavitt on this matter and we are also very grateful for the effort you put into getting the great result for us also with the lockdown situation making it difficult to meet up in person.”

Mr B, New Forest

Chambers and Partners Legal Directory 2022

Mike Pavitt has a diverse insolvency practice, regularly acting on both contentious and non-contentious mandates. His clients include administrators, trustees and bankrupts, whom he represents in matters such as annulment proceedings and recoveries.

Mike is exceptionally genuine and pleasant to deal with. He is very personable, works hard and knows his stuff.

Introducing your key contact

Mike Pavitt
Partner – Corporate Restructuring & Insolvency; Commercial Disputes



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